About Us

PT. Pancayasa Primatangguh is a company operating in marble and granite industry in Indonesia. Since its establishment, Pancayasa has grown to be one of the most trusted and reliable company in Indonesia’s ever growing market for marble and granite. Pancayasa is also considered as one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of marble and granite products in the market, with the capability to produce and supply over 300,000 sqm in quantity of marble and granite finished products per year, both domestically and internationally. Our range of products includes various types of local and imported granites and marbles, with availability in different sizes, thickness and finishing, tailored to the demand of each and every customer.

Pancayasa’s greatest strength lies in its advanced knowledge of the market and products, gained through years of experience in providing the best quality products and services within the market, as well as having the privilege of owning and sourcing our own quarry in South Sulawesi through our sister company, PT. Dayacayo Asritama. We also possess the necessary global knowledge and connection which enable us to source the best material available in today’s global market. All of these advantages combined with the committed and professional approach instilled within the company will guarantee the best possible outcome and satisfaction for our customer.


Pancayasa was established in 1990 as by a group of five people sharing the same ambition to become the major producer and supplier of marble and granite products in Indonesia. The early years of Pancayasa coincided well with the rise of Jakarta’s central business district’s development with many of the landmark buildings in Jakarta began its construction during this period. Pancayasa’s main focus during the early years was on manufacturing and supplying imported marble and granite finished products to Indonesian market. Pancayasa was involved in supplying marble and granite products to buildings such as Mall Taman Anggrek, Sampoerna Strategic Square and Bank Indonesia Thamrin.

In 1995, the business decided to expand its focus to quarrying and manufacturing local Indonesian marble from Ujungpandang in the island of Sulawesi. The establishment of Pancayasa’s sister company, PT. Dayacayo Asritama, in 1995 underlines our ambition and passion to remain as one of the leading marble and granite supplier in Indonesia. Dayacayo has since turned into one of the biggest manufacturer and exporter of high quality local marble in Indonesia. The global economic crisis and sudden inflation of U.S Dollar in 1998 has opened up huge opportunity for local marble and Pancayasa capitalized on that opportunity and shifted some of its focus into promoting and popularizing local marble into the domestic market. Today, local marble from Ujungpandang is one of the most sought after products in the market and Pancayasa stands as one of the biggest manufacturer and supplier of local marble.

Pancayasa’s commitment in manufacturing and supplying high quality marble and granite for over thirty years is highlighted by the continuous demand we get both domestically and internationally. Pancayasa have continually exported its products to various countries such as Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and the United States. As of now, Pancayasa remains as one of the few marble and granite companies that can offer not only some of the largest quantity and varied types of local marble sourced from our own quarry but also a wide range of best quality imported marble and granite finished products in Indonesia.